Friday, March 13, 2009

A Town Called Cemetery

Did you do it? Did you follow through on the challenge of our previous post? We girlfriends know just how precious that time spent with each other really is. We provide that shoulder to cry on, vent to, and laugh with. Sometimes we even learn a little about our girlfriends when we take the time to just be together, even if we don't really have a plan. I learned just how much of a city girl Thelma is when we took a random, aimless road trip one lazy Sunday afternoon while we were in college.

We had been sitting around bored out of our minds until we had a brilliant plan--ROAD TRIP! Like the young, freshman, college gals we were then, we got in the car and drove without any destination in mind, exploring every back road highway we could find around our college town. And, like you will see along the road, there were many signs, including those that point you in the direction of those little country cemeteries. We drove on our random road trip for probably three or four hours while making several twists and turns along the way. We spent our time talking, laughing, car dancing--you know like we girls will do--when all of a sudden Thelma said in her most EXASPERATED voice while throwing her hands in the air, "Where is this Cemetery, Oklahoma?" And, yes, she was serious as a heart attack; she actually thought those "Cemetery" signs were referring to a town! Gotta love that! Now go get some face-to-face girlfriend time this weekend.

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