Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bouncing Baby Boy

I'm back! And feeling like my hormones are under control--well, somewhat anyway. They are at least better then they were those last few weeks of pregnancy. Yeah! So sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything. I FINALLY feel like life is starting to resemble normal again. I told Thelma just the other day that if I could blog while taking the baby and big boy on car rides, then I'd have it made. It has been crazy; having two kiddos is definitely different than just having one, but that's so another post. :)

Here is my big life update: My second son was born on May 19th. And, I know I am a bit bias, but he is ADORABLE. I'm pretty sure it was the fastest labor and delivery EVER. We actually went in to the hospital at 5:30 that morning for a scheduled induction. But the little man had other plans. At 6:30 right as we were finishing the paperwork and getting situated, the nurse was putting my IV in and I started having contractions on my own. I guess the key for me to go into labor is to actually already be at the hospital. (Same thing happen with my first son--went to the hospital to have something checked and an hour later was in labor.) Short story even shorter--went from a 4 to a 9 in about an hour and had him at 8:54. My doctor informed us that if we have anymore kids, we need to seriously consider scheduling an induction right at 39 weeks because they don't think we would make it to the hospital in time. My docs exact words to my hubby--"She's the kind of woman who would end up giving birth on the side of the road." GREAT! That is my track record though. Carry the baby right up to 39 1/2 weeks and have short labors and deliveries. On one hand it is a great thing--get it over with fast. BUT, on the other hand, labor was especially intense this go around. And here we are a month later and doing well!


  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like you're doing great.

    I'm the kind of woman who check into the hospital and a couple days later FINALLY has a baby. And that's with inducing. My doctor told me I wasn't built for having babies... when I was 6 months along with my second. He coulda mentioned THAT a little earlier!!

  2. Yea, that would have been good info to have BEFORE getting preggo.