Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things that make you go WHAT?!

So my two-year-old boy has done a few things in his short life thus far to make me wonder if those "gender roles" are nature or nurture. He went through a phase where he LOVED wearing my shoes and if they had heals on them that was even better. One day I even caught him with heals on walking down the hall and carrying my purse. The best one happened just the other day though. He had his "baby" (a teddy bear) and he was pushing it around the house in his own stroller swaddled in a blanket. He got the baby bear out of the stroller, took it to the couch and started whispering to it. Then I heard him say, "Baby hungury; I feed." The next thing I knew he pulled his shirt up and started breastfeeding his baby. Guess they really do watch and listen to every move we make. :) (And yes I got the blackmail picture taken.)

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