Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That’s What I Call Progress

Thought I’d write a weight loss update in case any of you are wondering how that’s going. Well, it’s going.  Slowly but surely.  Since I began trying to lose weight and get healthy back in May (I didn’t really hit it hard until the second week of August.), I have lost 12 pounds and am almost down one size.  But I am also building muscle—lifting weights, running.  I can see more of a difference than my scales portray. 

My arms are not nearly as flabby.  My waddle when I wave—you know what I am talking about—is smaller.  Now that it is getting cooler out, my arms are looking good for sleeveless shirts! I’m come to terms with the fact I will always have big thighs.  It’s something my family has passed on to me.  But I decided I would rather have big, muscular thighs than big, fat thighs.  The running has started making a HUGE difference in this already. 

I was surprised how quickly I was able to work up to running two miles.  I don’t do it very quickly and sometimes it isn’t pretty, but I can run just a little over 2 miles without stopping.  I don’t do this everyday.  Like today, I was lucky to get a mile in before I had to stop and walk for a bit.  I just wasn’t feeling it this morning.  Not sure whether it was the humidity or the constant multitasking between my run and my boys in the stroller.  Some runs are like that.  Then there are the mornings my husband (Who I am so thankful for.  He has been my biggest cheerleader through this process.) is home and I get to go for a run by myself.  Without kids. Without the monster stroller.  Now those are the mornings I really enjoy my run. Those are the mornings I can really push myself.

Now to really start focusing on my belly.  Oh my how that area of my body has been neglected.  I’ve always had a little pooch there and now, after two kids, Mamma Mia! I’ve been doing some Pilates and ab work, but I really think it’s time to kick it up a notch (or two or three).

So, yes, I have made progress. Quite a bit actually.  I have a ways to go yet, but this has been the best start on getting fit and healthy I’ve ever had. Wish me luck on the rest of this journey.

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