Monday, June 18, 2012

Momma Got Her Craft On

This weekend I went crafting and I am too excited about what I made to not share it. I’ll tell you all about the pumpkin muffins I got the boys to inhale tomorrow. But today. We relive my weekend.

On Friday night we had a meet and greet type thing. When I arrived, I received a swag bag to keep all my treasures in. And then I found out we got to keep them!

swag bag

And there where several different make and takes areas set up. Here are my favorite things I made that night.

headband with rosettes—in Thunder colors of course


cute little earrings


and this wire word to go in my classroom next year

wire word


When Saturday rolled around, it was big project time! We made moss letters, vintage jewelry, etched glass, and started a smash book.

moss letter decorated for the Thunder as they play in the NBA Finals

moss letter 

vintage jewelry necklace—my first attempt at making jewelry. I had a lot of help though.


etched glass—could not believe how easy this was. I will be making more soon.

etched glass

smash book—the beginnings of one anyway. This particular page is from Sweetie Pie’s first time fishing. Daddy was teaching him. The writing is a letter he wrote thanking his daddy for taking him fishing.


Phew! That’s it. By the end of the day my heart was full and my mind exhausted. It had been too long since I had done anything crafty, and this made me realize I need to start scheduling craft time into my calendar. And you should see my DIY board on Pinterest now. It. Is. Full. And that, my friends, makes my heart smile.


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