Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Topic—Mac & Cheese

Last week it was socks. This week it’s mac & cheese.

When I asked for a random topic yesterday, my friend and fellow AD fan, Angela, replied with Macaroni & Cheese.

Piece. of. cake.  Here we go.

If I had to pick one comfort food to eat forever? Mac & cheese. Hands Down. It’s ALWAYS been my favorite. Always.

One of my aunt’s favorite stories to tell about me from when I was little—probably around 5:

She, my mom, and I were shopping in a town about an hour from where we lived at the time. My aunt and mom were discussing where to stop for lunch and couldn’t agree on a place. My aunt wanted Chinese food, while my mom wanted a burger.

So, turning to me to be the tie breaker, they asked, “Jami, which would you like for lunch, Chinese or a hamburger?”

My response?

“Macaroni & cheese.”

I grew up loving the stuff & I still love it to this day. My mom made a version of it with egg noodles, Velveeta, & browned hamburger meat. OMGoodness. Heavenly. (That reminds me. I need to make that soon; it’s been entirely too long since I’ve had it.)

I used to always make the boxed stuff. Still do if I am in a hurry. And to be honest…I love the stuff. But homemade is really better, right? All the recipes I had ever found were just to complicated for what I consider to be a simple food. But then I married into my husband’s family. His grandma & mom make killer homemade mac & cheese. The best part? It’s SUPER SIMPLE.

And if you know me at all you know I am all about the simple.

Here’s all you need & part of the finished product (This is actually left over from last night’s dinner.):

Mac & Cheese

Yep. That’s it. Cook the noodles, drain, put in a baking dish, add some American cheese & milk, & bake for about 30 minutes. No need to measure things. I just stir it around after about 15 minutes. Add some cheese if it needs it or add some milk if it is too dry. Just eyeball it. Easy PeeZee.

My conclusion? Mac & cheese is my PERFECT comfort food. What’s yours?


  1. Cute story about when you were little! I love mac and cheese, too, and enjoy both the boxed and homemade version. Alas, my kids seem to only like the boxed kind, which I know happens with a lot of kids.

    Trying to think of my perfect comfort food, and I'm stuck. Depends on what I need at the time. For example, when I have a cold, I love a good, sinus-clearing hot and sour soup. At Christmas, my family's Italian spaghetti sauce has become both a treat and familiar comfort food. Mac and cheese is always welcome, however.

  2. YUM! I never liked mac and cheese when I was little but I LOVE it now. :) I'm going to try making it how you do for sure!!!

  3. Totally agree. Mac and cheese = perfect comfort food. I've always been a blue box, gal, though. My mom never made it from scratch and neither do I. It's just so easy and delicious to make Kraft's version. I really don't like it when I try homemade. Is that weird? I should probably give it a shot. Your mom's recipe sounds good...

  4. I could eat mac and cheese every single day and never get sick of it! Your mom's version sounds awesome! Might have to try it...

  5. Totally trying that. I'm drooling over here.