Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Yearly Torture

Our trips to take the boys to sit on Santa’s lap have gone like this:

2007: Sweetie Pie was 11 months old. We went to the mall where the picture packages where ridiculously overpriced. Our picture is of him screaming with a puff—you know those Gerber thingies—hanging out of his mouth. Paid like $30 for that. Yes, I know it is a classic picture that you have to have, but we were all stressed out after the event. Took like 2 hours to calm all 3 of us down.

2008: Sweetie Pie was almost 2. We discovered Bass Pro Shops give you a free picture with Santa. Ha! While I did what to have the classic Santa picture, I didn’t want to pay the money if he was just going to scream. I. Was. Thrilled. So, off we went to Bass Pro. And, indeed, I ended up with exactly what I expected. A FREE picture of E screaming while on Santa’s lap.

2009: Sweetie Pie (SP) was—Well, you do the math. And Boogaboo was 7 months old. We went to the zoo for a special event called Santa Delivers. We watched Santa deliver gifts to a few of the animals. Sweetie Pie actually gave Santa a high five. Cut to hubs and I smiling & looking all hopeful that maybe this was the year…we’d get a good Santa picture. But nope. Not from SP. He wouldn’t even get close to sitting on Santa’s lap for a picture. But Boogaboo did us proud. He was still young enough to be clueless, so we did get a good first Christmas picture with Santa of him. With our own camera. Again, Free. I know I am cheap. Or frugal. Or whatever you want to call it.

2010:  With Boogaboo being 18 months now & with Sweetie Pie’s track record, I was FULLY prepared for a meltdown performance from both boys when I took them to see Santa this year. The day we were going, I talked Santa up BIG TIME to SP. All he could talk about was going to see Santa.

I.Was. So. Excited.

I got the boys dressed in their little Christmas sweaters & off we went. To Bass Pro. Because it’s free & they usually have a pretty decent looking Santa. We got there and NO LINE. (Play Hallelujah chorus in the background here.) Santa gave both boys candy canes, which apparently won there hearts because, people, we actually got a decent Santa picture this year.

Complete with reindeer in the background.

Now by decent here’s what I mean. There were no tears. No fits. No meltdowns. SP didn’t actually smile, but he doesn’t smile in pictures these days anyway. Boogaboo does have a freaked out look on his face, but still not tears. Success. I even dropped $10 for a picture package. I know. You’re shocked.

And Sweetie Pie actually TALKED to Santa. Faint! Here’s the conversation.

Me: Sweetie Pie, tell Santa what you want for Christmas.

SP: (as Santa looks intently on) I want ping pong paddles and a big bowl of water.

Me: (thinking ‘What. the. heck?’)

Santa: What are you going to do with the big bowl of water?

SP: Put my boat in it.

Of Course! Children are so logical sometimes. Except we don’t have a boat.


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