Friday, January 14, 2011

The Blankie Bandit

Doesn’t every baby & toddler have a lovey? Both of my boys are/have been blankie boys & thumb suckers. They hold there blankets while sucking their thumbs. We broke Sweetie Pie of the habit about a month ago, and, once the blankie was gone, the thumb sucking stopped. But, every so often, I catch him hiding somewhere in the house taking a hit off of Boogaboo’s blankie.


I made sure it wasn’t a certain blanket they got attached to but rather a type of blanket. (And yes I know part of that was just me getting lucky because it worked.) The receiving blankets actually. You know the ones, right? The small, thin ones? I figured that would be ideal so we could have several with the logistics of laundry and all. I had hear horror stories of the ONE special blanket & getting it washed.

The past couple of weeks I have been finding said blankies ALL OVER THE HOUSE. One on the couch. Two on the floor in the living room. Still another in the kitchen. Maybe a couple in the hallway. And one on the train table. I was perplexed. You see, we only give Boogaboo a new blanket at night. Then he uses that blanket the next day as well. Night comes & he gets a fresh one. Simple enough right? So where were all of these blankies coming from? That’s what I couldn’t figure out.

Until…(picture it)

I followed Boogaboo down the hallway to his room the other day. He sundered with his little toddler waddle right over to his dresser, opened the exact drawer where we keep his blankies, grabbed a handful, shut the drawer, and meandered back down the hallway. Blankies in hand. Right to the living room where he handed a blankie to his brother, kept one for himself, and dropped the other 2 on the floor. Then he proceeded to go about his business of playing.

Mystery solved.

Mental note: Get those blankies moved to a different drawer of you don’t want to be washing blankies every day. Because you know. You have blankie boys.


  1. lol, That's funny. And cute on handing one to his Brother.

  2. That is so freakin' adorable. How delicious is it that he's scamming one for his big brother, too. LOVE IT!