Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Sweetie Pie!

How is it possible for you to be 4 already? You have grown up so fast, and I know it’s just going to go even faster. There isn’t a day that goes day that I don’t look at you & think about your sweet, precious, sensitive heart & your sense of humor that completely cracks me up. 

Right now you:
  • Love to help me cook & bake. I can’t be in the kitchen without you wanting to help. You are becoming quite the little chef & baker.
  • Will be starting Pre-K this fall, which is completely unreal to me.
  • Are “reading” like crazy, which makes your reading specialist/English teacher momma very happy.  You love books. You have every pre-literacy skill you need. Next? Actual reading!
  • Are fascinated with numbers. You count (& want us to as well) everything. You just learned how to do connect the dots the other day.
  • Love your little brother. He is getting big enough that you two wrestle around & really play together now. You miss him when he is taking naps & you are up.  You make sure he is okay when we are at the playground.
  • Speaking of playground, you love being outside.  This time of year the weather is hit & miss, but we get out there as much as we can. You love to ride your bike & play soccer & playing with the kids across the street.
  • Are starting to learn to swing on your own. Just this past week we were at the playground & I looked over & you were kicking your legs up & back while telling yourself, “Up! Back!”
  • Are at the age where you are learning you are a separate individual from mom & dad. You are pressing boundaries to see what you can get away with, which is both exciting and frustrating to Daddy & me all at the same time.
We love you little man! Happy Birthday!


  1. What an adorable and handsome (very important word to use now) 4 year old! My brother's b-day's is also today and he is such a gentle, smart and funny person.
    Hope you have a wonderful day and lots of yummy cake with buttercream icing, no whipped crud!
    Hugs! maggieb

  2. What a handsome little guy! :) Hope you guys had a wonderful day celebrating!

  3. Cute! Happy 4th Birthday!