Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Savor the Moment

This is supposed to be a random topic post. One about the random topic of egg yolks given to me on Twitter today. But I feel I need to write about something more than that right now. (But I do have something to say on that topic. I’ll tuck it away for now.)

Instead I need to write about something that has been heavy on my heart lately. Something I have been focusing on & working toward. Something I need to write to myself.

Savor the moment.

Let it sink in, Jami.

Savor the moment.

Oh, how I want to freeze time at moments like these. The ones when the reality sinks in that my boys are not going to be little forever. When I look at my Sweetie Pie and legitimately wonder how he got to be 4 already. And don’t even get me started on Boogaboo and him being one day shy of 20 months.

 These two boys? They have captured momma’s heart forever.

Yet, I find myself wishing days away sometimes. Rushing from one task to the other. Getting the boys busy with something else so I can do housework.

When really? I just need to stop, be still, & be with my boys. Really be with them. Enjoying the moment. Savoring the moment.

This has been my focus for the past few days. Tonight I actually caught myself living in the moment & savoring it.

Sweetie Pie was ready for bed. We’d done the bed time routine--bath, medicine, brush teeth. And then he started playing with a bucket. He was putting it on his head & pretending to be a monster. He wanted me to draw a monster face on the bucket. Normally, I probably would have forced the bedtime issue. Made him stop playing & go to bed.

But not tonight. I was savoring the moment.

So, instead? I grabbed a paper sack, cut some eye & arm holes, & drew a monster face on it. He LOVED it. He would growl at my husband & I & we’d scream like we were scared.

Then, here’s the part that melted my heart. He’d stop playing like he was a monster & say, “It’s okay. It’s just me.”


The sweetness. The innocence. The precious joy those few extra minutes up with mom & dad brought him. Brought me.

Savor the moment, Jami. Savor the moment.


  1. *Tear*

    I know exactly how you feel. This morning we were sooo late for school, but when we stopped in front of the bathroom sink to brush his teeth, all of a sudden he grabbed me and gave me a hug. Stupid f*cker gets me every time!

    Oh and yes, we were late for school. Screw that. There are more important things. :)

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing. That's something I need to work on too.

  3. Great post, Jami. It is SO hard to savor those moments when we are constantly moving on to the next thing. And this moment? Is proof of the amazing memories that you can have it you just savor it.

  4. I think this all the time. I'm always tidying , sorting, trying to get through the day till kiddies are in bed and I can stop for a moment. I find myself thinking when they are bigger this and that will be easier. Then I stop and think wait! then Ill look back and think aw remember when they were so little. It goes so quick. Its so important to savour the moment...I find my blog has helped me do this a bit. It makes me reflect and now