Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Topic—Elastic in Underwear

Alright, folks. For the third week in a row, I am writing about a random topic from a Twitter friend. My previous posts have been on socks and mac & cheese. Those topics were a piece of cake compared to this weeks random topic sent to me.

This week’s topic? Elastic in underwear. Thanks, Jessi. Thanks. I thought we were friends momma. Just kidding! I can totally do this. I will also be discussing elastic in pants as well. Because I can.

Both of these elastic topics for me take me to this issue: potty training. The term that makes all mommas cringe. But you see, I have made 2 discoveries involving elastic because of potty training.

1) Either the elastic in little boys’ underoos really stinks, or my little man is rough on his undies. A lot of his underoos’ waistlines are getting frazzled. He says, “Momma, I got a string.” I know that means I need scissors to cut that string that gets longer and longer the more you pull on it. Do you know the type? The more you try to pull it to the end, the more frazzled it gets. So I always end up cutting the string. Then the little elastic strings in there start sticking out & I cut them off too. (Mental note: Sweetie Pie may need more undies. Check it out.) And the underwear has everything to do with potty training because, hello, he went from diapers to underwear.

2) Once your child is potty trained only buy pants/jeans/shorts with elastic waistbands. YOU CAN THANK ME LATER. You will exhaust yourself buttoning and snapping. With the elastic waists, Sweetie Pie can go to and from the bathroom whenever he needs to without needing my help. Some might see it as laziness on my part; I see it as ingenious. You say pO-tA-tO; I say pO-ta-tO.

Okay, that’s the best I’ve got on this topic. Whew! That was tough.

ADDITION: I just (like since writing this post this weekend) bought new undies for me. Yes, I was still wearing maternity panties. What of it? I got Jockey Super Soft Bikinis. Bought them based on the recommendation of Blair. Oh my, I heart them. So soft. Great coverage without being granny. And? What does all of this have to do with this post? The elastic waistband is awesome. Doesn’t cut into you at all.


  1. Well-played, ma'am!

    Next time I give you a topic, be prepared for something along the lines of "the effects of global warming on the taffy pulling industry, as viewed by Guatemalan sous chefs" or, maybe, "blueberries."

    I like blueberries.

  2. If you sent me that first random topic, I'd just pretend someone else beat you to the punch! :) Blueberries? Not that I can handle.

  3. This post is awesome! :) PS Where did you buy the Jockey undies??